About Us

The inception of Thompson came in 2002. Designer Gail Thompson launched the label mainly from her desire to create comfortable, high quality, fashionable garments for all women and have them locally made.

Gail's background is as unique as her creations. With no formal education or mentoring in fashion, Gail creates every design personally and them makes the pattern for production. Everything comes from within, her inspiration, her skill and dtermination to provide an affordable totally Australian product.

Gail started her career designing and making her own clothing and also children's clothing. This lead to supplying children's wear to locally owned stores, One of the pieces she made for herself then received the attention of another designer and Gail was asked to supply. Not long after that Gail decided to go completely in her own direction and Thompson came to life, eventually supplying boutiques in all states of Australia and New Zealand.

Gail goes to great lengths to ensure the quality of her label. Fabrics sourced are of the highest standard as are the threads, accessories etc. Her manufacturers are handpicked for their skills and personal pride they take in their work. A better garment would be difficult to find, and of course it is Designed and Manufactured here in Australia.

Comfortable, affordable, high quality, long wearing and of course pleasing to the eye.

What more could the fashionable woman ask for.